Pains Of Youth

PAINS OF YOUTH explores adolescence through a steamy lens. Promiscuous, pitiless and bored, six sexually entangled medical students restlessly wander in and out of a boarding house, studying, drinking, taunting, and spying. Freder sets about savagely experimenting with the young, pretty maid, with half an eye on his former lover Desiree, a wild, disillusioned aristocrat. Petrell abandons Marie for the ruthless underdog Irene. Marie doesn’t waste any time weeping – Desiree wants her. This discontented post-war generation diagnose youth to be their sickness and do their best to destroy it. Bourgeois existence or suicide; there are no other options. Odradek’s production explores what it means to come of age in a world you didn’t expect to inherit. This uniquely private production investigates the violent point between childhood and adulthood, when we learn what life really asks of us. It reveals what happens in that anxious, awakening moment when we understand who we really are, and then, who we must become.

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